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Mobile bikers on the starting grid of our Closed Beta!

Over 1000 volunteers signed up for the Closed Beta of the new SBK Official Mobile Game

And we are absolutely thrilled—thank you so much for joining our team! 

Although we still have a long way to go, your support and feedback on the core gameplay will be key to further develop and fine-tune the best possible motorbike racing experience.

More testers are always welcome and will be onboarded weekly, with regular content and features updates to be tested over time. So, if you want to join the program too, fill in the Enrolment Form. All the testers receive a Closed Beta Guide by email, shortly after joining the program, and the blog’s FAQs section has been updated with some additional information on how the Closed Beta program works.


Here is what you will find in Version 1.0, released on the 5th of February 2021:

  • All 22 riders from the original 2020 Superbike World Championship roster with their bikes
  • 2 tracks from the 2020 Superbike World Championship season:
    • Circuito de Jerez – Angel Nieto 
    • Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
Tech Enhancements:
  • Enhanced physics based on a more realistic and fluid handling model, with an arcade slant
  • Improved AI-controlled opponents, featuring life-like behaviors and dynamic performance adjustment based on machine learning
  • New rider animations supporting inverse kinematics
  • Advanced graphics with higher-quality 3D models and textures for added realism, and new effects such as motion blur conveying an increased sense of speed
  • Customisable riding assists, allowing you to choose between an arcade or simulative experience:
    • Assisted Braking 
    • Assisted Cornering 
    • Assisted Steering
    • Racing Line
  • 4 control layouts including: 
    • Set 1: Steer the bike by tilting your device, auto-accelerate and tap to brake.
    • Set 2: Steer the bike by tilting your device, tap to accelerate and brake.
    • Set 3: Steer the bike with a slider, auto-accelerate and tap to brake.
    • Set 4: Steer the bike with a slider, tap to accelerate and brake.
  • Customisable graphic quality settings for better performance on lower-end devices or higher-quality graphics on top-tier devices:
    • Normal: No post effects, 80% render resolution, lower shadow quality
    • High: Light post effects, slightly higher-quality shadows
    • Ultra: All post effects on, high-quality shadows, full render resolution, anti-aliasing x2
  • 4 camera angles
    • 3rd-person close
    • 3rd-person chase
    • 1st-person (not final)
    • Rear view


Closed Beta Focus

The main goal of this Closed Beta program is to put the new physics engine in the hands of gamers and fans of previous SBK Official Mobile Game releases, so as to test it in the wild and get some first impressions from the target audience itself, before we officially launch the game on digital app stores: this new installment of the series has been redesigned based on players’ feedback, and we think the players should tell us if we are getting it right!
So we kindly ask you to focus on the bikes’ handling and control systems, besides the overall riding experience (sense of speed, accuracy of the simulation and fun factor, above all).

New features and game modes will be gradually implemented running up to the spring release, and your continued support would be much appreciated.

About the author

Founded in 2006 and based in Milan, with offices in Rome and Miami, Digital Tales develops games, e-Learning solutions and anything in between, including edutainment, gamified training courses and VR/AR applications. Its racing and action-adventure games are based on a proprietary cross-platform C++ framework and/or third-party engines. The studio has collaborated with established developers and publishers on console, mobile, PC and browser games, but has also self-funded and self-published a few mobile games which topped iOS, Android and Windows Phone charts worldwide, while totaling over 50M downloads cross-platform and garnering 2 Italian Video Game Awards (Best Italian Indie Game, Best Tech).

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  1. I think the physics is very good.I’ve always been complaining about lean angle in sbk16.The new game has a perfect lean angle which is realistic according to the speed you lean with.The only thing I haven’t seen is the riders leaning forward in a straight and trying to stay upright while approaching a corner.You have done a great job Dev’s 👍. Also my phone got very hot after one lap at Philip island so please add an advanced graphics settings where you can turn on/off the shadows,motion blur and etc. or adjust texture filtering,fps ,screen resolution or texture resolution.The game needs low quality graphics settings, not just normal ,high & ultra.Anyway the game is mostly as I thought it would be 👉Perfect 👈

    1. All the links you need are already included in the post, actually! That’s why we published the post in the first place 😉

    2. All the links you need are already included in the post, actually! That’s why we published the post in the first place 😉

  2. i received the email saying i’m in the beta but on testflight it does not appear

    1. Hi, we replied to your support request via e-mail. Hear from you soon!

  3. wish there was a racing style system when cornering, such as elbow down

    1. That is a pretty advanced feature for a mobile game, but we’d definitely like to take our simulation forward and make it as realistic as that one day.

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