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Samuele Granzotto's portrait and ID badge

For this new entry in our Dev Stories series, we delve into the art of SBK Official Mobile Game, starting with 2D: if you have any interest in video game art or are just curious to know where our motorbike racing games get their good looks, you will certainly enjoy the following fireside chat with Samuele Granzotto, our 2D content and animation senior artist.




Sam shares his responsibilities in the project and the challenges he is facing while crafting SBK Official Mobile Game’s 2D graphic assets: “My job is to create textures for riders and bikes, all the GUI (Graphic User Interface) elements, including in-game menus and HUD (Head-Up Display), and to produce and/or edit promotional art”. Long story short, he is responsible for the visual mood of the new SBK Official Mobile Game.


One of the biggest challenges he often deals with are the so-called “blind zones” in texturing: “When the visual references at your disposal are not enough to show the details on a rider’s suit, helmet or gloves, you have to fill in the gaps with additional visual research of your own and sometimes even to guess or create them from scratch based on your personal knowledge”.

Rider textures
Working on a rider’s body textures.



Nailing the right visual style for the GUI was another difficult task: “I’m constantly striving to keep it fresh, minimal and elegant, yet bold and futuristic at the same time. I managed to balance these extremes with the support of the most experienced colleagues on our team, who are now veterans in the development of SBK-related games and help me brainstorm ideas and dispel any doubts on the best stylistic choices”.


Designing visuals for a license-based game means being consistent with the brand identity, so as to make it familiar and recognizable to fans: “You have to work with constraints and guidelines affecting any graphics, colors and copyrighted materials you use. Being aware of that at all times is key to delivering compliant visuals”.


Sam’s sources of inspiration for the new SBK Official Mobile Game were the best PC and console titles recently released, motorsport TV broadcast overlays and layouts, and real-life motorcycle dashboards.

In-game Menu
Designing in-game menus.



He is proud of his work on the game so far and trusts that some extra polishing and additional features will make it a sight to behold. The new feature planned for integration that he is most looking forward to is the option to create custom riders, for obvious reasons—we all do!


When asked to describe the new SBK Official Mobile Game in one word, his pick was “Exciting”: “Interpreting and translating the most disparate content and ideas into images is one of the hardest and most satisfying things ever, but teamwork is the keyword here and it’s also part of the game (pun intended)!”.


Keep an eye on this blog for more interviews with key members of the SBK Official Mobile Game team, who will open up about the ins and outs of their work!


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