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Hello everyone and welcome to our first official announcement of what game modes we will be launching in our latest project: SBK Official Mobile Game. On Day 1, the game will include the following single-player modes: Championship, Quick Race and Time Attack. 

Championship mode

Let’s kick things off with the most anticipated game mode: Championship! Here players will be able to experience the 2020 FIM Superbike World Championship season first-hand. This Championship will include: the official 2020 roster, all the tracks that were raced on and competitive A.I. opponents that will try their best to beat you to the finish line! There will be a total of 8 rounds to complete the Championship. Each round is divided into 4 phases in the following order: Qualification, Race 1, Superpole, and lastly Race 2.

The 8 rounds will take place on the following tracks:

  1. Australian Round: Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
  2. Pirelli Spanish Round: Circuito de Jerez – Ángel Nieto
  3. Motul Portuguese Round: Autódromo Internacional do Algarve
  4. Prosecco Doc Aragon Round: MotorLand Aragón 
  5. Pirelli Teruel Round: MotorLand Aragón 
  6. Acerbis Catalunya Round: Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya
  7. Pirelli French Round: Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours
  8. Pirelli Estoril Round: Circuito do Estoril

The Qualification phase is divided into 4 segments: Free Practice, followed by 3 consecutive Superpole Sprints. During Free Practice, players will have a set amount of laps at their disposal to record the lowest “time on lap” possible. The player will not be alone on the track since A.I. riders will also be practicing. In this phase, the player starts directly onto the track in autopilot mode. The autopilot is disabled as soon as the player crosses the starting line. Once crossed, the timer will start and the player will take full control.


The following Superpole Sprints will have specific requirements in order to be raced in: the first Sprint will admit the 20 fastest times achieved in Free Practice; the second Sprint will be made up of the 16 fastest riders from the previous Sprint; the last Sprint will only consist of the top 8 riders. Depending on your placement in these Sprints, your starting grid position in Race 1 will differ. The faster you are in the Superpole Sprints, the closer you will be to the starting line. If you don’t mind your starting position for Race 1, you can ‘Retire’ or skip this phase and head directly into Race 1. If you do use this method, your starting grid position will be the furthest from the Start line. There is no Autopilot in the following phases, so be ready to start racing right away!


Following the Qualification phase, players will head into the first official race of the round. Here players will start off, along with A.I. riders, on the starting grid with a semaphore countdown before the Race officially begins. 


After completing the first Race, there will be another Superpole Phase. Here you will start off at the very back of the group and will have to climb up the ranks to assure yourself a better starting position for the upcoming second race.


Once the Superpole is completed, players will enter the second race of the round. Depending on the placements achieved, the player will earn points that will affect their overall ranking compared to their A.I. competitors. Once the second race is completed, the player will move onto the next Championship Round. Depending on the player’s result, they will earn a predetermined amount of XP (Experience) and in-game currency to tune their selected bike. 

Quick Race mode

In Quick Race mode, you will be able to pick your favorite rider, track and number of laps, and to choose if you want to race in a Qualification phase to determine your starting position (if the latter is skipped, the player starts from the last position on the grid). Depending on your result, you will earn a set amount of XP and in-game currency. For launch, you will be able to race on all the tracks featured in the 2020 season, with new content coming in post-launch updates as the real-life 2021 Championship unfolds.

Time Attack mode

The last game mode we will describe is Time Attack. In this mode, you are alone on the track and the only competitor here is yourself and your best lap times. Before starting, you have the option to decide the amount of laps and what track you want to race on. In this mode, the player doesn’t start on the grid, they will start with autopilot a couple hundred meters behind the start line. The autopilot is released and the timer starts, when the player crosses the starting line. For every track, there will be different target times for gold, silver, and bronze medals depending on the selected difficulty level.


If you missed our first Game Features Focus on the WorldSBK 2020 licensed content that will be available on launch, check out The 2020 Superbike World Championship at your Fingertips post to catch up! If you are curious about learning more and staying up to date with our game, please make sure to follow us on our social media accounts and stick around for the final release date!


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