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Welcome to the latest installment in our Game Features Focus series! Today’s post is centered on the new progression system that will be introduced with the next release of SBK Official Mobile Game, including player development and bike wear and tuning mechanics


This time around, you will not simply choose your game mode from the standard Quick Race and Championship options, trying to keep up with the WorldSBK star riders’ lap times or to best your personal records: the new SBK Official Mobile Game will also challenge you to gradually hone your riding skills, taking on daily quests and/or unlocking achievements in order to earn Experience Points, and to improve your motorbike’s performance over time. As in real life, you will have to look after your bike, repairing any damaged component and making sure it is in perfect conditions before every race.



As a matter of fact, each bike will have different basic and max attributes, depending on the manufacturer. As a refresher, the brands available on launch will include: Kawasaki, Ducati, Honda, Yamaha and BMW, the manufacturers competing in the Motul FIM Superbike World Championship.


You will be able to view, repair and tune your bike(s) in the Garage screen, displaying detailed information about the performance and integrity of each bike component, and your tuning or repairing options for it:


  • Engine   Increases Overall Max Speed
  • Brakes Increase Braking Power
  • Exhaust System Increases Overall Acceleration
  • Suspension Improves Steering Efficiency
  • Tires Improve Traction/Grip


SBK Garage Screen
Please, note that the graphic elements shown in this screenshot are not final and are subject to change.




There will be two different types of items you can earn for each component, Repair and Tuning Kits: Repair Kits restore the integrity of one or more bike components, while Tuning Kits improve their performance. Both kinds of kits have different rarity levels, defining their effectiveness and/or duration:


  • Green = Common (lowest rarity)
  • Blue = Uncommon
  • Purple = Rare
  • Orange/Gold = Epic (highest rarity)


Kits Rarity Levels
Please, note that the graphic elements shown in this screenshot are not final and are subject to change.


You have multiple ways of earning Repair and Tuning Kits, including winning races, completing daily quests, claiming daily log-in bonuses, unlocking achievements, and leveling up by gaining Experience Points. 



Breaking down the Garage reference image above, let’s start with the Integrity segment in the top-left corner of the screen. Here each component is represented by an icon, with a segmented column showing its percentage of integrity, from 0 to 100. The red segments in each column represent the respective component’s conditions. If you use one or more Repair Kits on a selected component (by tapping the wrench icon beneath it), a corresponding number of white segments is added to its column, representing the integrity percentage you can restore by applying such repairs permanently (with the red Apply button in the bottom-right corner of the screen).  


Following every race, in any game mode, the integrity percentage of each component will decrease slightly to simulate wear/damage to the bike, more so if you crash and/or frequently ride off-road. If a component’s integrity falls below a critical threshold, the bike’s overall performance is negatively affected, and a warning message pops up, alerting you that repairs are needed. If you ignore such warning and let the integrity bar deplete completely, you can go on racing but your bike will be far from competitive, until you restore the affected component to its optimal condition. On the other hand, as long as all your bike’s components have a 100% integrity level, you get a performance boost, which makes regular maintenance key for you to keep a competitive edge.


That is not the only way to improve your bike’s performance, though, so let’s talk about the Tuning segment found below the Integrity columns: in fact, you will also be able to upgrade each component for a limited amount of time by using Tuning Kits (tapping the + hexagonal icons). Depending on their rarity, Tuning Kits may have a varying impact on a component’s performance, and a shorter or longer duration before their effect runs out. So using them wisely can potentially turn the tables on your opponents in an otherwise difficult situation, adding an interesting layer of strategy to the game. 



The new mechanics described above are aimed at throwing more challenge and variety into the classic racing formula, and are likely the most disruptive additions to SBK Official Mobile Game’s design. We are really curious to see how players will leverage them to beat the game, and then to challenge one another to the last second, once the Multiplayer modes become available.

To learn more about the new SBK Official Mobile Game, make sure you read all the Game Features Focus posts, and follow our Dev Updates to stay up to date with more news and announcements coming soon!


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